Borges para microrrelatos




            Diecisiete haikus (seventeen haikus) – Jorge Luis Borges

Traducción de Victor Montero


Ed. La cifra, 1ra ed. Buenos Aires, Emecé, 1981.
1ra ed. Madrid, Alianza Editorial, 1981. Col. Alianza Tres, 159.


The evening and the mountain
Said something to me.
I already lost it.


The vast night
isn't now other thing
than a fragance.


It is or is not
the dream I have forgot
before sunrise?


Silent strings.
The music knew
what I feel.


Today don't make me happy
the almond trees in the orchard.
They're your memory.


books, tears, keys
follow my luck.


Since that day
I didn´t move the pieces
on the board.


In the desert
dawn arrives.
Somebody knows it.


The idle sword
dreams with it´s battles.
I have another dream.


The man is dead.
The beard doesn´t know it.
The nails are growing.


This is the hand
that once touched
your hair.


Beneath the eaves
the mirror doesn´t reflect
more than the moon.


Beneath the moon
the shadow grows long


Is that extinguished light
an empire
or a firefly?


She is watching
to the new moon, too.
From another port.


Far, a trill.
The nithinsgale doesn´t know
taht he consoles you.


The old hand
keep tracing out lines
for oblivion.




Víctor Montero

Víctor Montero (Argentina, 1987) Escritor y autor de canciones. Estudia Lengua y Literatura Española en la Universidad Nacional Española a Distancia (UNED). Ha cursado narrativa breve en Escuela de Escritores (Madrid, España), escritura creativa con el referente argentino Adrián Abonizio y songwriting en Berklee Online. Director de Literatura en NOIR Revista Cultural y creador de textos sobre música. Traductor al español de piezas literarias en inglés (poesía y narrativa breve) para la Revista Cultural Tardes Amarillas y redactor de artículos sobre música en dicha publicación. Autor del libro Relatos y Cartas (2014) y Cuentos Enfermos (2016).